WB wants Pakistan to switch to DC fans


ISLAMABAD: The World Bank has advised the government to switch to DC fans and phase out AC fans and conduct a thorough industry assessment to determine the market impacts caused by this move.

In its report, titled “Supporting Pakistan’s Manufacturing of High-Quality DC Ventilators”, the World Bank has made recommendations for its involvement in the ventilator industry, saying that with the implementation of these recommendations, the market DC fans will increase significantly. and manufacturers will be able to capture a share of the international DC fan market.

The report states that DC cooling fans are widely recognized for their superior power efficiency and better overall performance compared to AC fans.

In general, DC motors consume up to 70% less energy than AC alternatives, the report says, adding that the energy efficiency advantage is particularly relevant for Pakistan, where Electric fans are the most widespread technology for space cooling.

Since 2018, the World Bank has implemented several initiatives to improve the quality and performance of locally manufactured DC fans by engaging with manufacturers, recommending quality standards, and improving the ability of test facilities to provide high quality certification for products.

The report urged Pakistan to adopt quality and performance standards for DC fans and help the industry move away from AC fans.

Pakistan has adopted national standards for AC fans that conform to International Electrotechnical Commission standards. However, there is currently no similar standard applicable to DC fans.

Domestic manufacturers should engage with the government to achieve a rapid transition from AC fans to DC fans, invest in research and development and product development to improve energy efficiency, meet future requirements and seek opportunities for improvement. export, add the report.

The report also recommended authorities explore the potential for a DC fan trade-in or trade rebate program targeting consumers.

The report, with the help of the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (Clasp) and in consultation with key industry stakeholders, recommended test procedures and minimum performance standards for DC fans.

This will provide the technical basis for the government to adopt national standards through the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority and the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

The report predicts that in the short term, support for DC fan manufacturing would have a direct impact on off-grid electrification outcomes in Pakistan, potentially prompting the purchase of over 200,000 space cooling fans CC.

The report says industry specialists in Pakistan worked with Clasp to identify design improvements to increase efficiency and address airflow issues.

The World Bank is already funding a Sindh government project offering partial grants to 200,000 households to purchase solar home systems (SHS), for which the minimum system requirement includes the supply of a DC fan.

KfW Development Bank and Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company are also implementing a program to deploy high quality SHS and other off-grid solar products in Pakistan.

Posted in Dawn, September 26, 2022


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