Webinar on Participant Identification Code (PIC) Registration and Validation for Electronic Tender Submissions


Electronic submission (eSubmission) has been mandatory for EU External Action Directorates-General tenders since March 2022. Before submitting applications online, tenderers must first register on the portal Funding & Tenders to obtain a 9-digit participant identification code.

This webinar will explain the PIC registration process, validation rules and process, as well as how to navigate and find relevant information in the Funding and Tender Portal (see below for more details). ).


  • What is a Participant Identification Code (PIC)?
  • How to register for a PIC on the Funding and Tenders Portal
  • The PIC validation requirement
  • An overview for each type of procedure
  • Demo
  • Q&A with the expert panel

The panel of experts will include members of the European Research Executive Agency (REA) Validation Services and colleagues from the Data and Information Technology Unit of the Directorate-General for International Partnerships (the change management OPSYS and the CIP management team).

How to join the webinar

The webinar will take place on the Webex platform. Registration is not required.

Link: Webinar on Participant Identification Code (PIC) Registration and Validation for Electronic Tender Submissions

Password: Opsys@2022 (67797120 from phones)

If you need technical assistance to participate in the webinar, please contact us through the OPSYS group on Capacity4Dev. New users will need to create an account to access the public group. Group membership is encouraged as it keeps you informed about OPSYS.

The webinar presentation and video recording will be available on our learning platform, INTPA Academy, a few days after the webinar. To be informed of its availability, please create an account on the platform and register for the course.


Electronic submission (eSubmission) has been mandatory for calls for tenders from the EU’s Directorates-General for External Action since March 2022 (open, restricted and negotiated international procedures in direct management). Paper submissions are no longer applicable for these procedures.

Before submitting online applications, applicants (the leader and all members in case of a consortium) must first register on the Funding & Tenders portal (OPSYS ecosystem) to obtain a participant identification code 9 digits.

If the lead partner and/or participant has already registered in the participant register and knows their credentials, they can search for their PIC and use it when submitting offers or requests to participate in eSubmission , otherwise they will have to register their entity in the Funding & Tender Portal.

During the procedure, tenderers (including consortium members) may be contacted by the REA validation services and asked to submit documents. Based on these documents, their PIC will be validated once and for all.

The validated PIC allows bidders to register for any future call, as well as manage their contract(s) electronically in the Funding and Tender Portal.

Please note that the electronic submission of specific contracts under the framework contracts SIEA 2018, AUDIT 2018, PSF 2019, EVAL 2020 and EVENTS 2020 has been managed via OPSYS since February 2020. All contractors of the five framework contracts mentioned above have already been registered for a PIC. they are therefore not the intended audience for this webinar. However, they are welcome to participate.


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