Why electric cars are more likely to be recalled than gasoline cars


With high-profile recalls like the Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV Battery Situation, it may come as a surprise to learn that most EV problems are not related to the drive or power system at all. This is good news, considering that the motor and battery components could cause serious safety issues if faulty. According to a user survey in Consumer Reports’ Ideas for more reliable electric vehiclesthe most common issue for 2021 model year EVs was on-board electronics, followed by the climate control system, with the major engine issue category coming in only eighth place.

Most EV issues relate to non-powertrain equipment (motors, batteries, and cooling), with EV powertrain issues half as common for 2021 model year vehicles as ICE powertrain issues in the same year (electric vehicle owners reporting a problem rate of 0.17 for serious engine problems and ICE vehicle owners experiencing a problem rate of 0.36). Looking further ahead, however, things get a little more dire for EVs, with rates of serious engine problems for 2019 EVs becoming 2.5 times more common than drive system problems in ICE vehicles. during the same year.


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