ZF speeds up ADAS validation with new data, AI



ZF Group introduces a new scalable suite of data and AI-driven services for virtual engineering and ADAS digital validation called ADAS.ai. ADAS.ai is designed to help OEMs accelerate the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. ZF ADAS.ai can be applied to ADAS systems developed by ZF as well as other Tier I vendors, according to the company.

ZF claims that ADAS.ai is based on two advancements: a very high resolution multi-sensor synchronized data set collected by driving all scenarios and mileage required to validate ADAS L2 + systems on a global scale, and advanced technology. ‘Exclusive AI developed with Cognata, which collects high-resolution data at sensor inputs “seen” by new sensors in new vehicle applications.

ADAS.ai is cloud-based and is designed to provide significant cost and quality advantages over traditional engineering and validation based on physical testing and existing simulation technology. Comprehensive L2 + scenarios based on data derived from the real world are injected at several points in the engineering and validation phases, either in “virtual” or “full sensor” mode, providing dramatic acceleration and efficiency of the production processes. engineering and validation, depending on the company.

“We use real-world data in an end-to-end approach because we know what our customers and regulators are looking for,” says Christophe Marnat, executive vice president of the Electronics and Advanced Support Systems division. conduct.

“With our approach, an OEM doesn’t need legions of test pilots or millions of dollars in investment to design and validate with confidence. We bring together the real and virtual worlds because we use real word data to drive both modalities, ”explains Marnat. “ZF’s vision is to enable full ADAS virtual engineering for ADAS from all Tier I vendors. OEMs want ADAS attributes to look like crash tests – fully digitally validated before the first prototype is built, and ZF has technology to make it happen.

ZF’s ADAS.ai digital engineering and validation suite can cut time and costs by up to 20 percent, according to the company.

ZF’s ADAS.ai incorporates proprietary algorithms from Cognata, a leader in the application of AI to AD and ADAS. “Cognata’s AI enables the ZF validation suite to transfer real driving data to all existing and new vehicles with ADAS technology up to level 2+ and validate them in the virtual space. This is what we call the transformation from the real to the real ”, declares Danny atsmon, CEO of Cognata.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of front cameras, ZF has extensive experience in ADAS hardware and software technology, OEM-specific validation, and development of the necessary documentation to comply with international regulations. This experience and skills combined with full backend capability and advanced AI create an efficient and rapid process that will change the way ADAS systems are brought to market, the company said.

“Our priority is the safety and reliability of current and future ADAS technology and our engineering and validation suite reflects this as its basis is not based on simulation but on actual driving data collected from hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled all over the world. ZF understands what it takes to install an ADAS system in a vehicle on the road, ”says Marnat.



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